249 €

Lightweight aluminum structure, easily foldable and compact, it has the look. Equipped with a control screen allowing 3 speed modes (slow, medium, high). Mounted on 6 '' wheels with electric motor on the rear wheel, it has an electromagnetic motor brake operated on the handlebar for greater safety. Its 250W motor combined with 4.4 Ah LG batteries can drive up to 23 km / h for a range of 10-12kms.



449 €

Designed for adults, lightweight aluminum structure, it folds easily and is compact. Its inflatable wheels of 8.5 '' allow a flexible and comfortable driving. Its 250W engine combined with 6.6Ah LG batteries allows you to drive at 20 km / h for about 20 kms. The engine is on the front wheel and the rear wheel is equipped with a disc brake for safe braking.



499 €

Designed for urban skaters who want to get around without getting too tired. No need for remote control, only lean forward or backward if you want to brake. Its maple wood board, aluminum structure, PU wheels and engine powered by a 2.0 Ah battery allow it a range of 4-5 km up to 7 km / h